Learning Design Specialist 

Professional Training Solutions - Designed For Results 

We offer professional learning design solutions. 

For all of your training design needs:

  • Work with you for the results you need

  • Appreciate your budget and will work with solutions which fit your budget 

  • Interactive and engaging learning resources 

  • Our methodology provides you with ongoing consultation from the start to the end of the design process   

  • A professional team who know and understand the importance of quality resources. 

What Can We Do For You?

Provide you with professional training designed for results!

On-demand Training 

We offer a growing on-demand cataloge of courses ready for you to start leaning something new today. 

Customised Design Services 

We work with you to transform your currently resources into quality, engaging eLearning resources. 

RTO Resources 

Our team have extensive experience in developing resources for RTOs. Our off the self UOC resources are fully editable 

Providing Quality Customised Packages Globally

Registered Training Organisations 

Community Groups

Let's have a conversation 

eLearning Strategies 

Working with you and your team to develop and rollout quality content and the right learning management system. 



Flexible and Committed

We provide flexible options which suit your needs, with a commitment to eLearning goals and objectives 

Creative & Resourceful

We create quality resources in a consultative approach. Our team of specialised creative producers think outside the square in the design process.  

Schools and Education Providers 


Small, Medium & Large  Business 

Churches and Missions

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