On-demand Learning 

We offer you and your teams quality on-demand eLearning courses.

Our range of on-demand learning courses has been developed by a highly skilled team of designers in consultation with subject matter experts. Our on-demand courses are a perfect fit or the individual or organisations of any size.


We offer corporate plans and branding as part of our on-demand learning solutions. With the power of API functions, you have the power to integrate talent - management and other HR  requirements.

For the individual 

For the business 

Branded landing page 

Customised training solutions 

If you are looking for online training contact us today for our current course programs. 


We offer both live and on demand programs to help you grow your skills. 

We offer a ragne of programs designed for your team including:

  • Induction programs 

  • Administration 

  • Communication 

  • Leadership and development 

  • Business 

  • Many others 

We offer you the ability to have a branding landing page, to keep you business branding integrity. 

For more information on this option for our on-demand training programs please contact us. 

 Need customised training programs developed for any part of your team we can assist you.

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